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Acorazado IJN Musashi.

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Instrucción de ingenieros alemanes.

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Carro Armato Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 tanks in North Africa in April 1941.

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ERCO 250TH-1 AND 2

The Erco 250TH Turrets have the approximate shape of a tear drop. They are installed in the waist positions on either side of the PB4Y-2 airplane—the Erco 250TH-1 on the starboard side and the Erco 250TH-2 on the port side. With their wide cone of fire they protect the plane from beam or belly attacks, besides offering a considerable area of protection from above. In operation they are somewhat similar to a ball type turret inasmuch as the gunner moves with his guns and sight in the direction he moves his control handles.

Facts and Figures

POWER: The Erco Tear Drop operates hydraulically on pressure built up by a hydraulic pump driven by a constant speed electric motor.

SIGHT: Its sight is a standard Navy Mk 9 reflector sight fully described in the introduction to this section.

ELEVATION: Both turrets can raise their guns 55° above horizontal in elevation and depress them 95° below horizontal.

AZIMUTH: In azimuth, the Erco Tear Drop turret allows the guns a movement of 135°, 55° towards the bow from the beam and 80° towards the tail of the airplane from the beam.

ARMOR: The armor plate in the turret protects the gunner from fire in any direction he turns his guns. It consists of three groups: (1) 1 1/2″ thick bullet-proof glass in front of his face, (2) 5/16″ armor plate in front of his body, and (3) 5/16″ armor plate under his feet.

STOWING: The stowing position is 0° elevation with guns pointed in the extreme aft position in azimuth (80° aft of the beam).


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Semovente 90/53


Semovente 90/53

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Heinkel He-111 atacanco a britanicos en grecia 1941

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USS Hugh W. Hadley

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Dos hermanos gitanos tienen atemorizados a los presos etarras, a los que apuñalan